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Still I Feel I’m Sinking…



Goodbye, Chris. Say hi to Andy and Kurt and Layne and all the dead rock stars for us.

Don’t worry, this is how I’ll remember you…

Bakers Dozen: Albums I Listened to as a Teenager

Top albums that influenced me as a young one. Lots of metal is this list.

  1. Alice Cooper – Welcome to My Nightmare
  2. The Dawn – Envelope Ideas
  3. Identity Crisis – Tale of Two
  4. Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast
  5. Faster Pussycat – Wake Me When It’s Over
  6. Joe Satriani – Flying in a Blue Dream
  7. Metallica – Master of Puppets
  8. Megadeth – Rust in Peace
  9. Nirvana – Nevermind
  10. Pearl Jam – Ten
  11. Faith No More – Angel Dust
  12. Alice Cooper – Trash
  13. Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes

Since not everything is on Spotify, I put in two to three very honorable mention albums.

Bakers Dozen: Biking Mixtape

Twenty-seven months ago I had an ischemic stroke. So, right now I’m still recovering from it. Naturally, my DPT asks me to wake up early to catch the morning sun and to exercise. What started out as going to the garage to walking around the block to full on jogging quickly turned into me biking. And the last time I biked was during the late eighties. Right – thirty years ago!


Of course the very first thing I did was create a playlist for me on my phone to listen to while biking. These are some songs from that playlist:



Top 10 Last Song From An Album


  1. Violent Femmes – Good Feeling (Violent Femmes)
  2. The Godfathers – Love Is Dead (Birth, School, Work, Death)
  3. Goldfrapp – Horse Tears (Felt Mountain)
  4. Goldfrapp – Clay (Tales Of Us)
  5. Radiohead – Street Spirit (The Bends)
  6. Velvet Underground – After Hours
  7. The Specials – You’re Wondering Now
  8. Nine Inch Nails – Ringfinger
  9. Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
  10. Portishead – Glory Box


Fun Home

Sitting here alone listening to Slowdive!

Happy Anniversary, Souvlaki! 😀 It has been twenty-four years and your audience finally gets it.

Oh My Goth!

Pitchfork recently posted a YouTube video explaining how gothic music came to be. While I agree to most part, there are some I don’t concer with.

Although the writer it is obviously being funny, I have to make up my own playlist to better explain goth music. There are post-punk music, shoegaze, ambient, noise, Victorian goth, classical…even black metal. Any music that a goth would listen to.

This playlist is ever evolving. I constantly add and subtract. But mostly just add. And I try just placing one song per artist. But there are some which I can’t stop myself and put two.

And Kanye West will never, ever be goth!

Christmas Record Shopping 2016 :-)

Let me take you down coz I’m going to…

Top 5 Guitar Solos

Guitar solos! The magic word that encompasses future / would-be guitar virtuosos.  From hearing “Voodoo Child” to”Stairway to Heaven“, up to Satch’s “I Believe” to “One” by Metallica. Everyone wants to learn to solo! But then, people change and guitarists change with them. But then, again, there will always be a cool solo you want to learn or at least hear (while you just air guitar your way to it).

So, this are my top five guitar solos (as of writing this blog):

Mr. Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Roads)

This is the first time I heard a heavy metal guitar solo that’s influenced by classical music. Or, at least the first time I heard classical music played through a overdriven guitar string.

Alive – Pearl Jam (Mike McCready)

This is heavily influenced by Hendrix and it’s from my time.

Heaven – Psychedelic Furs

I liked this because it reminded me of being young. Like I remember riding in the backseat of our car. But I know it never happened because I first heard this song after we lost our car. But, still, I like that feeling. 🙂

Love You – Primal Scream (Jim Navajo)

This is because of its simplicity. And for repeating the exact same solo as the song ends.

A Letter to Elise – The Cure (Porl Thompson)

It’s for telling a story with the solo – for me, at least. Like there’s an introduction, characters, conflict, climax, denouement, etc. etc. It’s one of the few solos I constantly repeat without going back to the start of the song itself.

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