My daughter suddenly blurted out today: “I just want all the cool music ever made!”  Then goes on to exclaim something like it sucks not being able to fit everything in her iPod. Come to think of it, she’s more or less expressing the same sentiment I was having a couple of posts below.

Later, while I was driving her to bass practice, she asked – a bit worrying: “Do you think we’ll run out of music?  I mean every note has been played over and over.  Maybe we should just invent a weird sounding instrument.”  Then I proceeded to tell her that she should just make up her own chord.  And she was like, “can I do that?”  So, I told her all about the Tristan Chord, which got her a little excited, I think.

I just feel so blessed having a cool daughter who can talk to her parents about stimulating stuff. 🙂