I find myself currently listening to a bit more glitch/IDM/minimal (or whatever hip label they’re calling it nowadays).  Thanks in large part to mobile online radio of course.  Can’t help but think it’s like furniture music as envisioned by Satie, only more electronic.  Of course, Eno’s done it decades before and I am in no way disqualifying that.  But there’s something different about the less organic (or less human) sound of artists like Autechre that strikes that trippy chord in my imagination.  And true to Satie’s manifesto of sorts – it’s the kind of music that’s there if you want to involve/indulge yourself, but can be ignored if you want to multitask.

I once told a friend in semi-jest that it’s great gardening music. Maybe because, like a garden, you can look at the little botanical details or look at the big picture.  At both instances, you can let yourself be surrounded by its beauty.  Very still and yet not lifeless.  But the best experience I find is when you can zone in and zone out!