Listened to Devo’s “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo” for the first time ever this morning to go with my reading of Rip It Up And Start Again”.  I can’t believe I’ve never given this band a chance.  Growing up, I’ve always thought they were some quirky pop band like the B-52s (which isn’t exactly a bad thing) and not the quirky, artsy post punk band they really are.  It didn’t help that the only way I’ve heard of them was through their single “Whip It” which, although a great track, was not totally representative of their whole sound.  It does sound like them, just a bit misleading.  Adding to the confusion was their cover of Head Like A Hole” during the 1990s which I didn’t care for that much (being a die hard Nine Inch Nails fan).


But reading about them in Rip It Up” really sparked my interest. And I can say I do like them.  “Are We Not Men” is the kind of album that I’d probably love given a few more listens. And at first spin, the track “Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy” is an early favorite.  It kinda makes me sad finding out that Alan Myers had passed not two days ago.  He seems like an exceptional drummer.  The human metronome was what he was called, I think.

Would definitely listen to this album over and over and move up to their later recordings.