So, one hazy night last week, before going to bed (more like very early morning), I decided to check how many days were left before the winner for How To Destroy Angels‘ remix contest over at were announced.  Turned out they posted the winner a couple of days earlier than expected.  Lo and behold, it was not I.  Thought nothing much of it at the time and quickly proceeded with my bedtime.  But, like any experience worth my denial, heartbreak is only starting to creep in on me now.


I did my best – oh well.  In the end, I did my take on the song with as much integrity as I would my own music.  Clearly, I have made it my own.  Clearly too, it was not up to the band’s standards. Haha.  I’m sure the winner deserved it.  I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet.  Rather, I’ve been holding it off.  Too much heartache, I guess.

Right now, I did the only thing I know how to celebrate / wallow in my failure….listen to my remix three times in a row.  Kinda pathetic, I know.