Finally finished reading “Rip It Up And Start Again” by Simon Reynolds.  The insatiable student in me of course wanted to start consuming other literature right after.  Perused the first chapter of Marilyn Manson’s “Long Hard Road Out Of Hell” first, but decided it was too sensationalist for me.  Maybe just not for now.  So I loaded up Alex Ross’ book, “The Rest Is Noise:  Listening to the Twentieth Century” and didn’t look back.

Admittedly, the subject matter here is not something I’m all too familiar with.  Which would be precisely the point of picking it up, probably.  I have my brushings with the genre discussed, but not to the extent I would have loved. The thing is,  I’m not a real musician in the true sense of the word.  I can only listen to music abstractly – how it affects me as an individual and a fanatic.  In the way that I can only describe Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” as a serene, dark blue painting of a melancholic evening.  Which, may either be spot on or the furthest truth, Van Gogh’s intent considered.  I can’t appreciate it for it’s technique or choice of colors.  Likewise, I can’t appreciate a piece of music for it’s virtuosity or technique.  A colleague told me “But isn’t that how you should listen to music?”  I can only reply “Yeah, tell that to a musician”.

This should be the great start to my progress then.  And of course, just like with my previous “study” of post punk music,  I created a playlist to aid me.  Shameful, I must say, that I have nothing much to add to said playlist.  But, there is always the internet.  And Ross is kind enough to suggest some listenings at the back of the book – which is actually a link here.

Here’s to education! 🙂