So, I’m standing in a long line, waiting for my shuttle ride home.  Listening to my iPod on shuffle (which is something I’ve done rarely) and The Sound’s (not to be confused with D’ Sound) “Total Recall” starts playing.  And like every time that song plays since I was a pre-teen, I did what I have always done – stop whatever I’m doing and just wallow in it’s desperation (this time I was reading the final third of “The Rest Is Noise”).

Desperation – that has always been what I’ve felt whenever I heard Adrian Borland’s voice…those words…how everything was orchestrated.  In fact, that is probably the first song that I’ve associated with the word.  It’s probably the first anything I’ve associated with that word.  And I do not know why.

Some years ago I finally had the chance to learn more about The Sound.  Local media didn’t have much to offer about alternative music/art when I was young.  To this day, I should say.  But these days we have the internet.  Lo and behold, my suspicions were not without merit.  As I learned that’s just what he felt his whole life: desperation.   To actually end your spiritual and emotional suffering the way he did, that has got to be a terrible amount of desperation.

I have nothing more to say except: thanks, man.  Thank you for sharing to the world.  You have gotten through and touched and inspired more people that you ever thought you would.  And there’ll be more generations who’ll get to know you.  Because there will always be desperate people.

“‘Cause I can see that there’s got to be another time.  There’s got to be…”