TeddyDiazI find myself once again to be in so much hunger for music.  It’s like gasping for air, really.  As if music gives life to my blood stream and oxygen in my lungs.  There’s just so much to absorb and so much I have yet to hear.  And so little time in this world.  I’ve always been afraid of dying because of all the music that will come after me that I won’t get to hear.  Not to mention all the music at present and those that came before me that I am yet to absorb.  And what about music that will never be heard? Like a demo tape sitting in someone’s attic somewhere.  And music that wasn’t created because of some mundane reason as time and money constraints. Music that’s just swirling in someone else’s head.

Times like these, I always go back to the time when I learned the passing of one of my earliest musical heroes, Teddy Diaz.  How it wretched me that he will never create new music.  That his legacy would never be added to.  How he will not be able to influence and touch someone had he continued living.  And what about the many others that left us like Teddy did?  Hendrix, Morrison, Mercury, Cobain, Reed, Curtis….?  They have so much more to give and so much the world could have gained.  And there are those who passed whose voices remain unheard.

Heartbreaking to think of such things.  Heartbreaking knowing less/non deserving people (I dare not call them artists) are applauded for their vacuous outputs while those with so much heart and soul in their art are snubbed.