Was listening to Love and Rockets‘ album on my way to work this morning.  Suddenly felt nostalgic remembering the days when having a new record was an event in itself.  It was a time when you’d announce to your friend/s about your latest acquisition and you’d end up listening to it intently in your friend’s crappy stereo, which you both think is the best thing in the world.  Why wouldn’t it be?  It’s got two gigantic speakers and stuff. 🙂  That tape would exchange hands numerous times over the next coming months.  You’d all read the liner notes, comment on the quality of the foldout inlays, be amazed at the “quietness” of the BASF tape used instead of the local brand…I could go on forever and sound like an old arse.

Not really fond of the new business models these days.  I don’t dislike iTunes and Amazon and Google Play.  But I find the experience lacking – the buying of and listening to single songs.  I like listening to whole albums even if I bought it just for that one song I like.  More often than not, I would find the rest of the album great.  I might even hear a couple of songs that I would like more than the single.  That alone will make it worth my week’s lunch money.  I literally went hungry for music when I was young.  And if by chance I didn’t like a particular album I bought, at the very least it would make a great addition to my collection if even just for eye candy.  The beauty of it is I could go give it another chance a year or so later and probably end up liking or “getting” it.