photo:  http://ovakill117.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon-332459972

 Listening to Pink Floyd‘s classic release for the very first time (shame on me) on my morning commute and generally enjoying the experience.   Of course “Us and Them” comes on and suddenly I’m floored.  It didn’t just catch attention.  It arrested me.  That I had to just drop everything.  That song required all my senses to stop and function only to experience its visceral escape.  Like embracing the grass on a hillside with eyes firmly closed, with the sound of the distant sea to fill you.

edit:  So, I listened to this album again on my morning commute ’cause it’s freaking awesome!  I have rarely done that these days – listen to an album two days in a row.  I used to listen to a newly acquired album around five times a day!