So, I’ve finally completed my mid-life crisis goal about a week ago when I went ahead and purchased a new record player.  I’ve not much to listen to at the moment so the few that I have are naturally on heavy rotation around the house. There has been a lot of vinyl cleaning going on in the shower as well. I find it cool that my daughter gets to experience what I experienced when I was about her age – and that is the excitement of getting back home from school, or wherever, so she could listen to music. My cassette player is still active, of course, as tapes will forever have a special place in my heart.


I find it funny now that I have all these “vintage” toys around the house, I’ve not been all that excited about technology.  Like, I’ve barely read about techie stuff these past few days.  I used to devour news about the latest Android releases, new iOS features, Windows, Linux…everything.  Now all I do is read about music.  There have been many times I’ve actually left my phone in the bedroom while having coffee in the dining area.  That would never happen before. Now, it’s all about the music. Getting up and flipping the record/tape, inspecting the sleeves, or just plainly staring at that big plastic circle that’s spinning across the room. And it never gets…boring.


Another great plus about this whole revival for me is that I’ve reconnected with some “lost treasures”.  A good example of that is finding out that The Godfathers was actually responsible for “Love is Dead” – a song that I used to hear when I was much younger. I always liked their songs “She Gives Me Love” and “Birth School Work Death”, but I never found out about “Love is Dead” until recently. Another example is, quite embarrassingly, finding out that The Pretenders actually did “Hymn to Her” originally as I’ve always known the Sleeper version during the 90s.

It has also given me the opportunity to discover music I never would have.  Case in point:  Tom Jones actually has a stunning live recording of “Hard to Handle” by Otis Redding.  And hearing those horns represented in an analogue chain just does wonders to the whole experience.  Much like the horn section of “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight” off the Beatles‘ (original pressing of) Abbey Road.