I was perusing an old Ibanez catalogue when I realized that my taste in guitars have dramatically changed over the years.  I’d like to think of it as being more refined. Like the way I’ve gone back to listening to cassettes and vinyl quite recently. And actually listening to albums and not playlists. Or it could all be just midlife crisis, really.


But going back to that catalogue – I seem to favor the more vintage-looking ones these days. It used to be that I gravitated towards the metal-looking ones. The more angles and pointy parts, the better. Now, the most metal-looking guitar I can appreciate from them is the Iceman.  But even that could still be considered vintage. Granted, if vintage guitars is what you want, then an Ibanez catalogue should probably be not the one to hold. And holy crap! Is that and eight-string guitar!? Is it a contest!?