So, at the start of this year when I started work again (I’m on a massive re-training), when my iPod suddenly showed its age. Anyway, I bought it eight years ago, I think, so I’m willing to part with in. Or I thought. It is a 80 gig Classic and everything’s okay with it except for the headphone jack. Nothing’s coming out of the right speaker.

Of course, the first thing that I did was bring it to Makati Cinema Square, an old mall here in Metro Manila where there are shoppes that “fix” broken gadgets. The first that I saw said he can fix my iPod so I left it with him. After work, I went back to his shop but suddenly he said that he can’t find the old jack that he can use to replace mine. Well, if you ask me, I know that my headphone jack doesn’t need replacing. I just knew it!

So I went to the shop right beside him. And this time he fixed my iPod. And I went home happy as I could be. But the next few days it started acting up somehow so I returned it. And, again I went home. But this time I noticed that what’s coming out of the left speaker IS also coming out the right speaker as well. And I could hear a lot of frequencies being canceled out because of this. In short, he made it worse. It’s like he made my iPod worse than mono.
Well, the good news is that I fixed my own iPod. And it’s as simple as the steps below.