Guitar solos! The magic word that encompasses future / would-be guitar virtuosos.  From hearing “Voodoo Child” to”Stairway to Heaven“, up to Satch’s “I Believe” to “One” by Metallica. Everyone wants to learn to solo! But then, people change and guitarists change with them. But then, again, there will always be a cool solo you want to learn or at least hear (while you just air guitar your way to it).

So, this are my top five guitar solos (as of writing this blog):

Mr. Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Roads)

This is the first time I heard a heavy metal guitar solo that’s influenced by classical music. Or, at least the first time I heard classical music played through a overdriven guitar string.

Alive – Pearl Jam (Mike McCready)

This is heavily influenced by Hendrix and it’s from my time.

Heaven – Psychedelic Furs

I liked this because it reminded me of being young. Like I remember riding in the backseat of our car. But I know it never happened because I first heard this song after we lost our car. But, still, I like that feeling. 🙂

Love You – Primal Scream (Jim Navajo)

This is because of its simplicity. And for repeating the exact same solo as the song ends.

A Letter to Elise – The Cure (Porl Thompson)

It’s for telling a story with the solo – for me, at least. Like there’s an introduction, characters, conflict, climax, denouement, etc. etc. It’s one of the few solos I constantly repeat without going back to the start of the song itself.